Islamic Feminism

Islamic feminism is a belief to provide the equality between male and female within the Islamic framework. Some secular feminists are not interested in reforming the Islam or the belief but they raise their voices to demolish the gender discrimination within a secular Islam society. The meaning of Islamic feminism is itself paradoxical as, some women, who are fighting to preserve the rights of women in Islamic society take it on some broader way. They think there are several issues in Muslim that also must be kicked out of the Muslim society to secure woman’s dignity and life other than the equality. On the other hand some feminists think it would be possible to lower the numbers of domestic or corporate violence against women by securing the equality. Surprisingly, Islamic feminism also fights for the equality of all Muslim people to secure their public and private life.

Islamic feminism, this term has found its popularity around the world in 1990 via various contexts. The Islamic feminism made its appearance when the global movements emerged to strive the conflicts- East versus West and secular versus religious and soon it enclosed the Muslim Diasporas. Shahla Sherkat, an Iranian first published the Muslim feminist magazine (Zanan), which has faced banned around the Muslim societies. At the same time in the West some Muslim women were able to free themselves from the so-called secular feminism and started demanding their rights firmly as Muslim of foreign origin. Mai Yamani, in 1996 published the book “Feminism and Islam” in Saudi. With the global movements some Muslim women began to protest the traditional practice of their parents in the name of culture along with slapping the way their countries treated the women. In the Muslim diasporas, women still struggle to understand how the Islamic feminism is accepted, as, they are more concerned about stopping the violence or slavery or inhuman treatment than the sense of discrimination. For instance, when the non-Muslim feminists consider the custom of wearing the hijab as offensive but the Muslim women keep shut their mouth on this matter.

Some Muslim women believe that God has established discrimination. Islamic feminist asserted that Islam itself is a religion of gender-equal and the patriotic society has made the discrimination in order to maintain their domination over women. That is why Islamic feminism demands the end of patriarchal influences. Islamic feminism tries to make people understand the real meaning of Islam and Qur’an. They believe that Islam tells to respect women not to humiliate them. To serve their purpose, Islamic feminists took various steps such as distinguishing the text of Qur’an from the real application, revising the Fiqh and practicing the ijtihad.